Pottery Bliss

Visit the charming Gasht pottery workshop in Rasht, explore different types of clay, learn various pottery techniques, create your masterpiece, and take your handcrafted piece home as a cherished souvenir. Discover the joy of pottery with Neghla and Kiyandokht.

A pottery workshop called “Gasht” is in one of Rasht’s historic houses. This place is full of stories and has a unique ambiance, making it the perfect setting to create and share the joy of pottery. We have all experienced the feeling of touching clay or crafting something with it since childhood. For us, revisiting pottery is a nostalgic journey, a return to a sense of well-being we might have lost. We’re thrilled to spend a few hours with you, sharing and discussing this wonderful feeling.

In this experience, we invite you to a pottery workshop for a few hours. We will introduce you to different types of clay and various pottery techniques. Then, we’ll get our hands dirty and create pottery together. At Gasht, we can work with a pottery wheel, try ceramic painting, or make handcrafted pottery. Each of these activities has its unique charm and can bring a sense of peace and freshness. Typically, everyone finds their preferred method of pottery after a few minutes of experimentation, based on their current mood. From there, we’ll start crafting together.

The rest of the program is all about enjoying the sensation of clay, its coolness, and its freshness. We will provide the necessary guidance and be by your side as you create a small decorative or functional pottery piece. Finally, you can take your creation home as a souvenir or leave it here at Gasht for us to cherish and remember the enjoyable moments we had with you.

What to Expect:

Visit a Beautiful Workshop:

You will visit our charming workshop, a historic building in the heart of Rasht.
Learn About Pottery: We will introduce you to different types of clay and various pottery techniques.

Hands-On Pottery:

Depending on your preference, you will learn how to use a pottery wheel and try ceramic painting or handcrafting pottery.

Create Together:

We will craft together, and you’ll have the opportunity to create a decorative or functional pottery piece.

Discuss the Joy of Pottery:

We’ll chat about the beautiful sensation of working with clay, the joy it brings, and the satisfaction of creating with your own hands.

Take Your Pottery Home:

You can take your handcrafted piece home as a unique souvenir.