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Arg Karim khan

Karim Khan, the founder of the Zand dynasty, ruled Iran from 1750 to 1779. He established Shiraz as his capital, which flourished during his reign, leading to the construction of numerous buildings such as mosques, water reservoirs, citadels, bazaars, and caravanserais. Among these, Arg-e Karim Khani, also known as the Citadel of Karim Khan, stands out as a significant structure in Shiraz, attracting thousands of visitors annually. This citadel served as the political center for Karim Khan and his successors. It is a large Iranian residential complex, featuring tall walls and round towers, typical of citadels that housed kings, governors, and military commanders. Even after the Zand era, the Citadel of Karim Khan has maintained its importance, known for its architectural significance and central location in Shiraz. Though it originally had many annexed buildings, today only the citadel remains, primarily for security and defense purposes.

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