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Chak Chak Ardakan

Chak Chak, located in Ardakan, Yazd, is an important Zoroastrian temple and a key pilgrimage site in Iran. Annually, from June 14th, Zoroastrians gather here for fourteen days of prayer. The temple is renowned among Zoroastrians, partly due to its association with Nik Banu, daughter of the Sassanian King Yazdgerd, who fled to this mountain during the Arab invasion and subsequently disappeared. The temple, also known as Pir-e Sabz, is named ‘Chak Chak’ for the sound of dripping water from its rocks. Visitors to this sacred site are expected to remove their shoes and cover their heads in respect of Zoroastrian rituals. The site, known for its challenging access path, is best visited during early spring and autumn due to Ardakan’s desert climate.

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