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Cloud Forest of Shahroud

The Shahroud Cloud Forest, an ancient part of the Hyrcanian forests, straddles the climates of Semnan and Golestan provinces. Known for its cloud ocean, the forest is a global attraction for its extraordinary union of sky and earth. Visitors experience a dreamlike environment, walking amidst tall Hyrcanian trees shrouded in white, velvety clouds.

Located in the narrowest part of the Alborz mountains, it blends two ecosystems, creating a unique cloud ocean that enhances its beauty. Dating back 40 million years to the Jurassic period, it’s one of the world’s oldest forests. The ecotone climate here results in a rare mix of coniferous and broad-leaved trees.

The forest’s diverse flora includes oak, hornbeam, boxwood, and medicinal plants, making it a significant natural herbal resource. Rare species add to its uniqueness, resembling a natural museum.

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