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Dalakhani Forest

Dalakhani Forest in Ramsar, known as “the corridor to paradise,” is a prime tourist attraction in Ramsar. It offers a dreamlike drive through towering, fog-laden trees and peaceful moments on verdant hills overlooking stunning vistas. The forest road, creating amazing green tunnels, is among Iran’s most beautiful forest roads, like Asalem-Khalkhal and the forest roads of Dohezar and Sehezar.

The forest is home to diverse flora and fauna, including various chestnut and boxwood species, beech, mulch, acacia, yew, wild tomato, medlar, barberry, hazelnut, and wild cherry. Wildlife includes jackals and occasionally bears, along with dangerous insects, so caution is advised for campers.

Dalakhani Forest is ideal for visiting in all seasons. It offers pleasant weather in spring, cool and enjoyable summers (especially in the Jannat Rudbar and Garsmasar villages), breathtaking autumn foliage, and a tranquil, snowy winter landscape, although winter visitors should be prepared for fewer amenities and colder conditions.

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