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Ganj Ali Khan public bath

The Ganj Ali Khan public bath, located in the center of Kerman Bazaar in Iran, is a historical site with intricate architecture and significant cultural value. Originally built as a public bathhouse, it features various chambers arranged in a circular layout, detailed wall paintings, and a collection of Iranian glassware, woodwork, and marble. The design of the bathhouse, with its curved passages and corridors, was intended to protect the interior from cold weather. The main entrance is decorated with murals of animal scenes.

The bathhouse’s plaster works and paintings from the Safavid era were restored in 1973 (1332 AH in the Islamic calendar) by Mirza Shokrollah, who was influenced by Qajar-era paintings.

In recent years, the Hamam-e Ganjali Khan has been transformed into an anthropology museum. It now houses wax figures that recreate scenes from the past, depicting various stages of ablutions. The museum also displays traditional items such as locally made soap bars, wooden combs, and shoes.

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