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Lalejin City

Lalejin, the center of pottery in Iran, is located near Hamadan. According to archaeologists and historians, pottery in Lalejin dates back to about 7500 years ago. For this reason, more than half of its population is engaged in the pottery and ceramics industry. Upon entering Lalejin, in addition to seeing pottery workshops and experiencing a new production process of pottery vessels, you will enjoy the pleasant smell of clay and pottery mud.
The most important product of this city is pottery, which is divided into two categories: traditional and modern. Traditional potteries have different shapes, sizes, and beautiful patterns, and are mostly used as decorative objects, while modern potteries are simple and often monochromatic, used for household purposes.
Among the foods of this city, various types of porridges such as Kachi, barley, Amaj, and the special Lalejin broth can be mentioned.

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