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Masoudieh Mansion

Masoudieh Mansion in Tehran, long forgotten and unknown, is surprisingly located just behind Baharestan Square and amidst the hustle of Jomhouri Street. Behind a gateway marked “Cultural Heritage,” lies this extensive and beautiful mansion and garden, embodying Persian garden characteristics and influenced by European architectural styles.

The Qajar dynasty founder, Agha Mohammad Khan, chose Tehran as the capital in 1781 (1200 AH). From then on, the city took a modern form with the construction of palaces, gardens, streets, and avenues. Fath Ali Shah, as the first builder of Tehran, constructed the Negarestan Garden outside the city walls and later moved his residence from the Golestan Palace to this garden. Negarestan Garden, built in 1807 (1222 AH), along with two other gardens (Sardar and Nezamiyeh), was constructed outside Tehran’s northern trench. The Nezamiyeh Garden, purchased in 1873 (1290 AH) by Zell-e Soltan, was later expanded into Masoudieh Mansion. Built on a square plot with enclosing walls and a central main building, it was part of Zell-e Soltan’s projects, similar to his father’s, in constructing palaces and buildings around Naseri Tehran and nearby villages, with Masoudieh Mansion being one of the most striking.

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