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Sisangan Forest Park

The Sisangan Forest Park in Mazandaran, a lush northern province of Iran, is one of the many stunning forests in the region. Each of these forests is a natural asset of great significance. Sisangan Forest Park is a natural example of the lowland forests of northern Iran. In addition to playing a role in the conservation of rare plant and animal species, it also serves as a tourist attraction, drawing many visitors.

Sisangan Forest Park is among the most famous forest parks in Mazandaran and Iran. Its extraordinary vegetation, combined with first-class recreational and welfare facilities, makes it a popular destination among tourists. The park’s expansiveness and location beside the sea are its two main features. Sisangan Forest Park is located 27 kilometers along the road from Nowshahr to Nur; it is bordered by the Caspian Sea to the north, Toskatek village to the west, the Alborz mountain range to the south, and Salaheddin Kola village to the east.

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