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Daryasar Plain

The Daryasar Plain in Tonekabon is one of the most beautiful sights in northern Iran. It is a charming destination for nature enthusiasts and camping lovers due to its unique beauty and nature, which displays distinct charms in all four seasons. This plain can be described as the border and connection point between the lush forests of northern Iran and the glaciers of the Alborz mountain range.

Daryasar Plain, located in Mazandaran Province, boasts rare landscapes in different seasons due to its strategic location. In the transition from spring, particularly in May, the plain is covered with yellow chamomile flowers, captivating any observer. One of the most interesting features of this plain is the presence of dozens of springs on its surface, with water bubbling through the greenery. In spring, it’s hard to find a dry spot on the plain, and more beautifully, a river originating from the Sialan Heights flows through the middle of this vast plain.

All these beauties, along with the surrounding mountains covered with dense forests and the Sialan peak with its large glaciers, make Daryasar Plain a paradise in Iran, especially in May. The presence of mountains like Tang-e Lat Khan Bon, Siahkal, and Kal Tala, along with wild medlar and wild plum trees, adds to the unique attractions of this plain.

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