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Subatan Summer Resort

Subatan, one of the scenic places of Talesh, is located in the northwest of Talesh County. This summer resort is covered with grasslands and flower fields and is full of refreshing springs, grazing cattle, and wandering horses. The old cottages with their wooden windows create an extraordinary view, making it hard to believe such an untouched area exists in Iran. It’s a village devoid of electricity poles, mobile antennas, and noise pollution. Kajaro (a reference) wants to take you on a short trip to this pleasant summer resort, which is one of the best tourist destinations in Gilan during spring and summer.

The best time to visit Subatan is from mid-spring (May) to mid-summer. Keep in mind that during the mid-June holidays, many people head to this summer resort. Therefore, to fully enjoy your trip, plan your visit for the weeks before and after these holidays. This mountainous region has cool summers, making it a popular destination for summer trips. If you visit in spring, especially late May and early June, you’ll be greeted by fields full of wildflowers and poppies, which are breathtaking.

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