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The Tulip Plain of Kondor Village

Near Tehran, a splendid celebration of nature takes place in the Alborz Province, near the city of Karaj, in a pleasant spot called Kondor village, nestled among the towering Alborz mountains.

The Tulip Plain of Kondor village begins in spring and is a fleeting attraction. For the first time, 2.1 million tulip bulbs were planted over an area of 3.5 hectares in the ecotourism area “Lazur” of this village. In 2023, visitors can witness colorful tulips at the Lazur ecotourism accommodation. So, to see this spectacle, one must seize the opportunity quickly.

There are many picturesque and pleasant rural areas around Tehran, perfect for memorable holidays. Kondor village is one such place, located 22 kilometers northeast of Karaj and 7 kilometers from the Karaj-Chalus road.

The beautiful and scenic village of Kondor boasts pristine, lush nature and numerous attractions. The Tulip Plain of Kondor is the village’s most famous attraction, hosting colorful tulips and many tourists in spring. Other attractions in Kondor include waterfalls, springs, peaks, highlands, and a holy shrine.

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