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Choghakhor Wetland

The Choghakhor Wetland is a scenic spot in Borujen, Chaharmahal, and Bakhtiari Province, situated in the heights of the Zagros Mountains on the Iranian Plateau. This stunning natural landscape, covering over 2,300 hectares, attracts many nature enthusiasts. Historically a resting place for the Bakhtiari tribe, it continues to host Bakhtiari nomads during the summer. The wetland is home to thousands of resident birds, with additional migratory birds arriving in spring and winter, adding to its beauty. Besides birdwatching, Choghakhor offers fishing, picnicking, and nature tours.

Recognized as one of Iran’s 105 important wetlands for birds, particularly those at risk, Choghakhor ranks sixth in the country’s significant wetland classification. Birds are the most prominent inhabitants, arriving mainly from late autumn to late winter, making it an ideal spot for birdwatching.

The best times to visit the Choghakhor Wetland are spring and summer when the cool weather and lush surroundings are particularly inviting. Spring brings a special vibrancy to the area’s nature. The presence of Bakhtiari nomads enhances its appeal in summer. Additionally, the blooming of wild poppies and the ideal fishing season add to Choghakhor’s allure during these seasons.

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