Sahib Jan Traditional Residence, known as the largest homestay in Dehaghan County, is located in the Isfahan Province, in the village of Lariche. This homestay is situated at an elevation of 1722 meters above sea level and is approximately 5 kilometers away from Dehaghan County.
The Sahib Jan Residence is a three-story building with three separate and spacious halls, two equipped kitchens, and Iranian and Western-style bathrooms. It also features a large courtyard and covers a total area of 450 square meters. The architectural design of the building draws inspiration from the Safavid era.
Guests at this homestay can choose to dine from the restaurant menu or prepare their meals in the well-equipped kitchens. All the roads leading to the residence are asphalted and two-way, making access convenient.
One of the notable advantages of staying at this homestay is its proximity to various attractions, including the ancient bathhouse, museum, historical mosque, pigeon towers, old houses, and the beautiful natural attractions of Dasht-e Lalehay-e Vazgoon, the lake, apple orchards, and perennial snow-capped peaks.
By staying at Sahib Jan Traditional Residence, you can experience life in a pristine village far from the hustle and bustle of city life, providing a tranquil and stress-free environment.