If you desire a traditional and culturally rich stay in Isfahan, the Pasargad Guesthouse on Isfahan’s Governor Street is an excellent choice. This guesthouse, situated on a 1200 square meter property, originates in the Pahlavi era and has been preserved since then.
The guesthouse offers various rooms, including double and quintuple rooms within the garden courtyard and quadruple rooms within the main building. Each room has amenities such as a heater, split air conditioner, refrigerator, and tea maker. Shared Iranian-style bathrooms are available inside the property.
For guests traveling with their vehicles, the guesthouse provides a secure parking area, ensuring the safety of your car throughout your stay.
The Pasargad Guesthouse boasts a charming and traditional ambiance. You can relax in the beautiful garden courtyard, surrounded by colorful tiles and tranquil vibes.
Moreover, this traditional guesthouse offers easy access to Isfahan’s prominent tourist attractions. For instance, it’s an 8-minute drive to the Hasht Behesht Palace, an octagonal masterpiece from the Safavid era. The palace features two stunning windows adorned with delicate tile work, overlooking a pearl-shaped pond.
After visiting this architectural gem, you can drive for another 5 minutes to reach Naqsh-e Jahan Square and enjoy a cup of tea at Qeysariyeh Café, which is north of the square and offers a panoramic view of the entire area.
With a short stay in Isfahan, you can explore the city’s historical landmarks and traditional houses, savoring Isfahan’s art and beauty. The Traditional Pasargad Hotel provides an ideal starting point for your journey through this enchanting city.