PhotoDarius Zare


Education: Tehran University (Payam-e-Nour), Tehran Prov.

MA. In Applied Linguistics, Still going on.

Shiraz University, Fars Prov.

BA. In Translation of English, April 2000.

Experience: As a tour-leader, a trip adviser, a fixer or a driver-guide(either locally or nationwide),it has been a while(since 2000)that I am really busy with; so I get calls from many different Travel Companies across the country; or Because I live near Persepolis I am really popular with Individuals who take a trip as backpackers to or from Persepolis.


But here is my related experience:

April 2008- Present

I was appointed & invited by Gardeshgaran Tour & Travel Company in Shiraz to act as a Driver- guide across the country.

Nov. 2005 – Present 

I was appointed by ITO, Orient travel, Arg-e-Jadid, Karvan Sahra, and some other tour& travel Companies in the Capital to do job as a tour leader & a driver-guide across the country, Iran

Sep. 2002 – Present  

I was appointed & invited by Iran-Gasht Tour Travel Company, located in Shiraz, to take its tourists on tours across the country, either as a Tour-Leader or Driver-Guide.

April 2000 – 2004

Appointed by one of the local travel companies in Shiraz (Pars Mosafer) to serve as a local tour or driver-guide, so I took people on tours to Persepolis and the site in Shiraz, so know these sites really well & inch by inch.

Other Experience:


I was interviewed & appointed as a part-time teacher by Tehran TCI Education Committee to teach English in its education Dep. In Shiraz.


I was interviewed & appointed by 2 other English language Schools in Shiraz to teach English as a foreign language in various levels to adults.

Language skills:

I know English really well in its 4 skills (speaking ,listening, reading& writing),and I am really fluent at speaking & discussions.

I know a little bit of Italian, but still not fluent.


In my leisure time, I am interested in reading books & newspapers. I do lots of Net surfing. Listening to music is of a special interest to me.

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