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Abuzeydabad Desert

The Abuzeydabad Desert forms a small part of the vast “Band-e Rig” desert and is renowned not only for its high natural appeal but also for the historical and ancient sites it encompasses. Many tourists visiting the Abuzeydabad Desert also plan to explore nearby historical places, considering its rich tourism potential. Notable attractions near the Abuzeydabad Desert include “Kharshahi Castle,” “Yakh Ab Mountain,” “Abyaneh Village,” “Safavid Water Reservoir,” “Ouyi Underground City,” and “Nushabad Historical City.”

The best seasons to visit the Abuzeydabad Desert are autumn, winter, and early spring. Like other desert areas, this region is hot in summer. Nature tours to the Abuzeydabad Desert and the Ouyi Underground City are typically organized during the cooler half of the year.

For accommodation in the Abuzeydabad Desert, you can set up your camp amidst the dunes. Staying among the sandy hills, filled with silence and tranquility, can create a memorable night. Another option for accommodation in this desert is the Abuzeydabad Caravanserai.

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