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Miankaleh Wetland

The Miankaleh Wetland in Mazandaran Province, northern Iran, is a significant natural and historical attraction renowned for birdwatching, especially during the migration season. Surrounded by lush forests and orchards, it is home to a diverse range of migratory birds such as flamingos, sea eagles, pelicans, and various types of ducks and geese. Covering around 70,000 hectares, Miankaleh is one of the last remnants of the semi-forested areas near the Caspian Sea. Over 60% of Middle Eastern bird species winter here. Recognized as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, Miankaleh is part of a global network of protected ecological areas. It also supports local livelihoods through fisheries, with species like carp, mullet, and sturgeon being vital for the community.

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