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Varzaneh Desert

The Varzaneh Desert, located in Isfahan Province near Tehran, is a prominent natural tourist destination in Iran, featuring the country’s largest desert recreational site. This site has recently been upgraded with a range of facilities including ATVs, zip lines, safaris, camel riding, dining options, sherbet houses, camping, and paragliding.

Desert tourism is a popular activity in Iran, a country known for its diverse natural landscapes, including deserts, forests, waterfalls, seas, springs, and lakes. The deserts, particularly inhospitable during the hot summers, become sought-after destinations in the cooler seasons, attracting numerous domestic and international tourists.

The Varzaneh Desert offers activities like desert trekking, walking on hot sands, and exploring both natural and historical sites, including the Varzaneh city and the Gavkhouni International Wetland. This desert ecosystem, home to unique flora and fauna, provides a habitat for various animals, though some species have recently seen population declines due to environmental changes.

Notable wildlife in the Varzaneh Desert includes Rüppell’s Fox, characterized by its small size and long ears; the Jerboa, a mouse-like creature with large eyes and ears; and the Long-legged Buzzard, a native predatory bird of Iran. These species have adapted to the desert environment and are significant components of the local ecosystem.

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