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Vakil Bazaar

Vakil Bazaar in Shiraz is one of the most famous traditional and historical markets in Iran. Constructed by the order of Karim Khan Zand, it now sits in the city’s center and is considered one of Shiraz’s must-see attractions. The historical Vakil Mosque and Bath are also located near this market. It’s rare for anyone to visit Shiraz without exploring Vakil Bazaar.

It seems that during a visit to the city of Lar, Karim Khan Zand, impressed by the Qeysarieh market of Lar, decided to build a similar marketplace in Shiraz. This would serve as a hub for business and economic activities for the people of Shiraz. According to historical writings, the construction of Vakil Bazaar began in 1768 (1172 AH) under Karim Khan Zand’s orders and was completed 21 years later in 1789 (1193 AH). Upon completion, the shops of Vakil Bazaar became a center for all trading activities, including the buying and selling of domestic and foreign goods, issuance and receipt of drafts, and currency exchange operations. Consequently, the bazaar became the economic center of Iran’s then-capital.

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