Iran Green Tour

Iran Green Tour: A Tranquil Journey

Escape to the lush landscapes of Iran on the “Iran Green Tour.” Over 12 days, immerse yourself in the country’s natural beauty, from the picturesque villages of Masuleh and Javaher Deh to the serene coasts of Ramsar. Explore cultural gems in Tehran, Rasht, and Kelardasht. Unwind in the embrace of Iran’s verdant charm, creating memories that will linger long after your journey ends.

12 Days



Day 1: Arrival in Tehran

Arrive in Tehran and be transferred to your hotel for a comfortable overnight stay, preparing to embark on a serene journey.

Day 2: Exploring Tehran's Charm

Engage in a city tour of Tehran, discovering the elegance of Golestan Palace, the Jewelry Museum’s brilliance, the National Museum’s insights, and the natural allure of Sa’dabad Palace and Darband. Overnight in Tehran.

Day 3: Embrace Rasht's Beauty

Depart for Rasht, a serene 325 km drive. Explore the region’s verdant treasures, including Lahijan Green Roof and Sheitan Kuh. Enjoy the Cable Car ride for breathtaking vistas. Overnight in Rasht.

Day 4: Rasht's Cultural Delights

Discover Rasht’s cultural facets by visiting the Rasht Museum, the city center, the Caspian Sea, the Anzali Lagoon, and the marital museum. Immerse in the local charm. Overnight in Rasht.

Day 5: Mesmerizing Masuleh

Embark on a morning climb to Rudkhan Castle, then explore the Gilan Rural Heritage Museum. Experience the unique allure of the picturesque Masuleh village. Overnight in Masuleh.

Day 6: Ramsar's Coastal Tranquility

Drive to Ramsar, where you can enjoy a leisurely afternoon swimming in the sea, indulging in the famous mineral springs, or both. Immerse yourself in the coastal serenity. Overnight in Ramsar.

Day 7: Ramsar's Hidden Gems

Discover Ramsar’s hidden gems on a full-day city tour, embracing its local essence. Experience the harmonious blend of nature and culture. Overnight in Ramsar.

Day 8: Serenity of Javaher Deh

Take a journey to Javaher Deh, relish the refreshing weather, and take a serene walk to a waterfall. Embrace the tranquility of this idyllic village. Overnight in Javaher Deh.

Day 9: Kelardasht's Nature Retreat

Drive to Kelardasht, where you’ll enjoy the natural wonders of Namakabroud and possibly Rudbarak. Immerse yourself in hilly woods and valleys, connecting with nature’s beauty. Overnight in Kelardasht.

Day 10: Kelardasht's Refreshing Heights

Explore Namakabroud, ascending to a wooded mountain’s peak through a tele-cabin ride. Relish lunch with a panoramic view, creating lasting memories. Overnight in Kelardasht.

Day 11: Return to Tehran

Head back to Tehran, cherishing the moments and landscapes you’ve encountered throughout your journey. Overnight in Tehran.

Day 12: Departure

Fly back to your home country, carrying the serene memories and experiences of the “Iran Green Tour.”

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