From Binaloud to Sarkhs

Traversing Iran's Eastern Beauty: Neyshabur to Sarkhs

Embark on a three-day journey along Iran’s Eastern Silk Road from Neyshabur to Torbat-e Heydariyeh. Explore Neyshabur’s cultural treasures, traverse lush landscapes to Sarkhes, visit Mazdavand Cave and historic caravanserais, and end your adventure in Torbat-e Heydariyeh, enriched by natural beauty and historical sites.

3 Days

Neishabur Mashhad Sarkhs Salehabad


Day 1: Neyshabur to Mashhad

We embark from Neyshabur, at the eastern extremity of Iran’s Silk Road. Neyshabur is rich in cultural heritage, home to the mausoleums of notable figures such as Attar Neyshaburi, Khayyam, and the painter Kamalul Molk. We’ll also explore the unique all-wooden village of Neyshabur, an architectural marvel especially vibrant in spring.

Our journey then takes us through the slopes of Mount Binalud towards Mashhad. Given the lack of accommodations en route, we’ll conclude our day with a stay in Mashhad, preparing for an early start the next morning.

Day 2: Mashhad to Sarkhes

Leaving Mashhad at dawn, we head towards Sarkhes. This route is renowned for its scenic beauty in spring, with lush greenery enveloping the road, a sight so captivating it invites multiple stops along the way.

Our first stop is the Mazdavand Cave, a site of historical significance now used for military purposes. Access to the cave is subject to permission from military authorities, which we will arrange for at the entrance.

Continuing towards Ferkhes, we’ll detour to Bezegan Lake, a stunning azure oasis. Then, we’ll follow signs to Rabat Sharaf, leading us to one of Iran’s most exquisite caravanserais, a testament to the rich history of the Silk Road.

Day 3: Sarkhas Road to Saleh Abad

Today’s journey from Sarkhas Road to Saleh Abad follows a route parallel to the Harirod River, leading up to the Dosti dam on the Iran-Turkmenistan border. This road, known for its beauty as well as its challenges, promises an unforgettable experience of Iran’s untouched nature.

The road continues from Saleh Abad to Torbat-e Heydariyeh, where we’ll explore the city’s historical gems, including the Tabasi Caravanserai, Amini House, Qutbuddin Haider Tomb, and the Torbat-e Heydariyeh Anthropological Museum, rounding off our exploration of this historic region.

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