Traveling with Ares to the Caspian

From Aras Free Zone to Anzali Free Zone

Embark on a memorable five-day journey with Ares as you traverse Northern Iran, from the historic allure of Jolfa City to the serene shores of Anzali on the Caspian Sea, discovering rich culture and breathtaking landscapes along the way.

5 Days

Jolfa  Dashte Moghan  Ardebil Hiran  Astara Anzali

Day 1: Jolfa City and Kaleybar

We begin our adventure in the Aras Free Zone and the historical city of Jolfa, situated 140 kilometers north of Tabriz. Famous for its welcoming atmosphere, especially during the Nowruz festivities, Jolfa boasts significant historical monuments including the St. Stepanos and Shepherd churches. Close to Jolfa, on the Aras River banks en route to St. Stepanos Church, lies the Khaje Nazar Caravanserai. Additional attractions in the vicinity include the Duzal Tower, Kordasht Bath, Asiab Kharabeh waterfall, and Ushtabin Village.

Our journey then leads us to Kaleybar, renowned for the legendary “Babak Castle.” The journey to Kaleybar is a scenic drive southward along the border road, passing through the Arasbaran forests. Kaleybar, a city in East Azerbaijan province, is celebrated for its sour and delicious strawberry gardens. We’ll rest in Kaleybar, preparing for another day of exploration.

Day 2: Parsabad and Ardabil

After exploring Babak Castle, we’ll head towards Parsabad on the second day. Our route takes us into Ardabil province, introducing us to Dasht Moghan, a verdant plain at the province’s northern tip. Notable sights in Parsabad include Oltan Castle and the region’s esteemed carpet weaving craftsmanship. The nomads and villagers in the Maghan area also create the exquisite “Verni” with native patterns, showcasing the local artisanal talent.

Day 3: Ardabil's Cultural Treasures

On our third day, we make our way to Ardabil to discover its cultural treasures. A visit to the world heritage site, the “Sheikh Safiuddin Ardabili Mausoleum,” serves as an exceptional introduction to the city’s rich history. The culinary delights of Ardabil await, with the city’s delicious halwa being a must-try. Ardabil also hosts Shurabil Lake within its confines, but the city’s true beauty can be further explored in its surroundings, necessitating at least one night’s stay in Ardabil.

Day 4: Journey to Astara

Departing the cool climate of Ardabil, we journey towards Astara on the fourth day, heading for the humid Caspian shores. Astara greets us with its unique clay-roofed houses and scenic beauty. The Hiran pass offers an exhilarating cable car ride, while Astara’s market and Steel Lagoon present themselves as splendid exploration sites. For nature enthusiasts, the majestic Lawton waterfall, towering over 100 meters, awaits in the Lundville forests.

Day 5: Anzali by the Caspian Sea

On the final day, we greet the sunrise as we set off for Anzali, located on the Caspian Sea’s shores. Bandar Anzali, known for its stunning lagoon and status as a free trade zone, offers a beautiful coastal boulevard for leisurely walks along the port, providing a serene conclusion to our journey through the Caspian region.

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