From Walnut City to Shah Abbas Palace

Journey Through Northern Iran: From Semnan to Behshahr

Embark on an unforgettable journey from the heart of Semnan to the charming realms of Behshahr. Traverse picturesque routes, witness the splendor of Shahmirzad and Kiasar, and immerse yourself in the wonders of Soleyman Tangeh Dam. It is a two-day adventure that uncovers the hidden treasures of northern Iran.

2 Days

Semnan Shahmirzad Kiasar Sari Gorgan Behshahr

Day 1: From Semnan to Shahmirzad and Kiasar

Embarking from Semnan, we journey through one of Iran’s most enchanting routes, transitioning from the province’s heart to the lush landscapes of Mazandaran. Our passage through Mahdishahr brings us to Shahmirzad, celebrated for its vast walnut orchards. Here, the bounty of Shahmirzad’s walnuts and dried fruits offers a unique taste of local produce.

The journey continues through the majestic mountain roads towards Foulad Mahalla, leading us to the marvel of Badab Surat’s colorful springs. These terraced mineral springs, with their vibrant hues, are a testament to Iran’s natural beauty, though the journey demands a short walk from the designated parking area to fully embrace their splendor.

Our day culminates in Kiasar, where you may choose to rest or press on to lodgings near Soleyman Tangeh Dam, setting the stage for further exploration the next day.

Day 2: Exploring Soleyman Tangeh Dam and Behshahr's Treasures

The serene Soleyman Tangeh Dam beckons with its myriad of activities. From the tranquility of boating to the thrill of water sports, the dam offers a comprehensive experience of leisure and nature. The visit extends to a leisurely picnic by the lake, fully immersing you in the area’s serene beauty.

Our path then leads us to Behshahr via Sari, introducing us to the charm of this city spared from rapid urbanization, preserving its historical and natural essence. In Behshahr, the visit to Mellat Park and Cheshmeh Emarat offers a glimpse into the city’s rich cultural heritage.

The journey’s finale at Abbas Abad Lake, nestled within the historical Abbas Abad Garden, offers a breathtaking view of Safavid architecture harmoniously blended with nature. This picturesque setting, combining historical structures with the verdant landscape and autumn hues, ensures a memorable conclusion to our exploration of the natural and historical treasures spanning from Semnan to Mazandaran.

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