East Azarbaijan Excursion in the city of soap and dome!

Exploring Maragheh: A Day of History, Nature, and Local Flavors

Unveil Maragheh’s allure in just a day. Explore historical gems like the iconic domes and the ancient observatory, while enjoying the tranquil Sufichai River. Discover the Mehr Temple, the unique fossil site, and more. Immerse in local flavors and culture, leaving with cherished memories of this captivating city.

1 Days

Day 1: Maragheh

Join us for a one-day tour to Maragheh, a city celebrated for housing one of Iran’s first soap factories, a product that has become synonymous with the city’s name. But the allure of Maragheh extends far beyond its soap production.

Located in East Azerbaijan province and lying south of Tabriz, Maragheh is a gem waiting to be explored, just 140 km from Tabriz and approximately 600 km from Tehran. Easily accessible, it’s a journey that bypasses the need to travel through Tabriz, offering a direct route from the Zanjan highway of Tabriz. Alternatively, the Maragheh railway station, an attraction in itself, provides a nostalgic entry into the city, echoing scenes from World War II movies.

The Sufichai River, flowing through Maragheh, has transformed into a tranquil haven for residents and visitors alike. The sight of diverse birds gliding over the water creates a serene atmosphere, connecting you with the beauty of nature nestled within the urban landscape.

Maragheh boasts an array of historical attractions, including its famed domes—red, round, and blue—with the Ghaffarieh dome located along the Sofichai River, within a namesake park. These landmarks, in proximity to each other, offer a fascinating walking tour, free of charge.

Notably, Khwaja Nasiruddin Tusi, the revered Iranian scientist, established the Maragheh observatory atop a mountain, now simply known as “the observatory.” This site, dating back to the 7th century AH, stands as one of the world’s earliest observatories, its large white dome a prominent feature visible throughout the city.

Venture outside the city to discover the Mehr temple and fossil site, essential monuments highlighting Maragheh’s historical significance. The Mehr Temple, a pivotal site for the Iranian Mehr religion, is located in Varjoi village, a mere 6 km from the railway station. Meanwhile, the Maragheh fossil site, 30 kilometers east of the city, presents a unique attraction, showcasing an array of ancient fossils near the villages of Qartavol and Shalivand.

Other city highlights include St. Thomas Church, Maragheh Wooden Mosques, Taq Mosque, and the Ilkhani Museum, echoing the city’s historical depth from its time as the Ilkhanate capital.

As you prepare to depart, remember to indulge in Maragheh’s culinary delights, from walnut baslogh and dried fruits to the city’s renowned meatballs. Ensure your return is not empty-handed, bringing back a taste of Maragheh’s rich heritage and flavors.

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