Qazvin , Zanjan , Takab

Mysterious Iran in Four Days: Qazvin to Takht Suleiman Adventure

Embark on a historical journey through Qazvin, Alamut Castle, Abhar, Soltanieh, Zanjan, Takab, and Takht Suleiman in just four days. Explore ancient structures like the Soltanieh dome, mysterious sites like the Dragon Temple, and the enigmatic Takht Suleiman. Immerse in local culture with museum visits and vibrant bazaars. A whirlwind of history and intrigue awaits!

4 Days

Qazvin Zanjan Takab

Day 1: Qazvin

We start our journey from Tehran, but our destination for the day is Qazvin, once the capital of the Safavid Empire. Expect to be enchanted by the historical splendor of Qazvin, including its own version of the Chehel Sotoun, a prelude to the famous pavilion in Isfahan.

Our tour takes us through the scenic route to Del Alborz, aiming for the eagle’s nest – Alamut Castle. The journey involves a mountainous trail leading to a vast plain and passing through the city of “Maalem Kalaye.” The distinctive mountain you’ll notice is none other than Alamut, once the stronghold of Hasan Sabah and the Ismaili sect. After exploring the castle, we’ll spend the night in Alamut village accommodations, preparing for our return to Qazvin and onward journey to Abhar the next day.

Day 2: Takab - Zanjan

En route to Abhar, we pass through Takistan, a town named for its abundant vineyards. During grape harvest season, the roadsides are vibrant with farmers selling their fresh produce. After an overnight stay in Abhar, we’ll continue at sunrise towards Soltanieh.

In Soltanieh, we marvel at the world-renowned dome, one of the tallest brick domes globally, and explore the Soltanieh tombs. For those intrigued by mysterious edifices, we’ll head from Soltanieh to the village of “Weir” to visit the Dragon Temple or “Dash Kasan.” Our day ends with our arrival in Zanjan for a restful night.

Day 3: Zanjan

The third day begins with a visit to the Mardan Namaki Museum, Laundry Museum, and the bustling Zanjan Bazaar. After lunch, we’ll depart Zanjan, continuing our way to Takab. We aim to reach Takab by sunset, where we will stay the night.

Day 4: Takht Suleiman

The following day, fresh and energetic, we head to Solomon’s territory! Takht Suleiman is considered one of Iran’s world-renowned works and a place brimming with mystery. From Takht Suleiman’s deep lake and its ruined buildings to Suleiman’s prison, each tells of a secret that has been kept under wraps until now.

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