From Hamadan to Khorramabad

Tracing Ancient Pathways: A Historic Journey from Hamedan to Khorramabad

Embark on a captivating expedition that traverses the heart of Iran’s history, guiding you through five remarkable days from Hamedan to Khorramabad. This immersive tour offers an extraordinary blend of cultural heritage, ancient sites, and breathtaking landscapes, providing an unforgettable experience. Let’s delve into the highlights of each day:

5 Days

Hamedan  Kremanshah  Koram Abad

Day 1: Hamedan's Legacy and Beyond

Our journey begins in Hamedan, where we explore historical sites like the Abu Ali Sina and Baba Taher Tombs, and the Shirsangi collection. Not to be overlooked are Hegmatane Hill, the pottery of Lalejin village, and the Ganjnameh inscriptions. A visit to Ali Sadr Cave is highly recommended before we embark on our journey towards Kangavar, known for the Anahita Temple. Our day ends as we head towards Kermanshah to spend the night.

Day 2: En Route to Kermanshah

The second day allows ample time to visit Kermanshah’s historical treasures such as Taq Bostan, Bistun, and the burial vaults of Ishaqvand, among others. Our goal is to reach Ilam by evening to secure accommodation for the night.

Day 3: Revealing Ilam's Charms

Day three is dedicated to exploring Ilam and its surroundings, including Ismail Khan Castle and the Kanatarike Cave. Our journey continues to Saleh Abad, known for its historical inscriptions and Zingan cave, where we’ll spend the night.

Day 4: Dareh Shahr's Enchantments

On the fourth day, we venture into Dareh Shahr to explore its ancient castles and archaeological sites. The day is filled with visits to Tang Bahram Chubin and the Darehshahr Fire Temple, surrounded by captivating villages like Zaid and Chamnamesht.

Day 5: Culmination in Khorramabad's Grandeur

The final day takes us from Dareh Shahr to Khorramabad, Lorestan’s capital, a city celebrated for its breathtaking waterfalls. Highlights include Falak-ol-Aflak Castle, Shapuri Bridge, and Q Lake. An evening view of Khorramabad from a rooftop is the perfect end to our journey.

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