Passing through the Achaemenid royal road

Tracing Achaemenid Glory: Khorram Abad - Delfan Expedition

“Passing through the Achaemenid royal road was a journey into Iran’s vibrant past. Day one brought us to Delfan Hot Spring, a rejuvenating oasis with Zagros mountains as backdrop. Mehrab Mountain’s ancient trees and Tang Gashmar’s historical significance left a lasting impression. Imbued with spirituality, Imamzadeh Ebrahim’s court was a serene finale.”

1 Days

Khorram Abad   Delfan

Day 1: Khorram Abad to Delfan

Delfan Hot Spring is one of the health tourism att

The Delfan Hot Spring is a highlight of our health tourism offerings in Delfan City. Surrounded by a lush, green area and offering stunning views of the Zagros mountains, this natural hot water spring is a sight to behold and provides a tranquil retreat for all visitors.

Next on our tour, we’ll take you to the majestic Mehrab Mountain, where towering rocks blend seamlessly with ancient trees such as walnuts, hawthorns, grapes, figs, and wild pears. This natural marvel is a must-see for anyone visiting the area, offering both beauty and a sense of tranquility.

We’ll also guide you through Tang Gashmar (or Gaushmar), a historical passage that highlights the golden age of Iranian culture and civilization during the Achaemenid era. As we traverse the slopes of Gneid Mountain, we’ll encounter a magnificent court belonging to Imamzadeh Ebrahim (also known as Big Baba), offering a unique blend of natural beauty and historical significance. This part of our tour not only showcases the rich cultural heritage of the region but also connects you with the ancient history that shapes our identity today.

ractions of Delfan City. This bubbling and natural hot water spring in a green area with a beautiful view of the Zagros mountain range dazzles the eyes of every viewer.
The fantastic mountain of Mehrab is covered with high and towering rocks covered with old trees such as walnuts, hawthorns, grapes, figs and wild pears, which is worth visiting and visiting.
Tang Gashmar or Gaushmar, through which the royal road passes, evokes the importance of the golden age of Iranian culture and civilization in the Achaemenid era. On the slopes of Gneid Mountain, you can see a beautiful court belonging to Imamzadeh Ebrahim or (Big Baba).

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