The jewels of Iran's desert

Two-day trip to Tabas

If your idea of Tabas is a famous sand storm that you have seen only a few low-quality photos of, it is better to know that Tabas has amazing beauties to explore. My initial idea for traveling to this city was the same, so when I was moving from South Khorasan to Tehran, seeing the name of Tabas on the map, I decided to stay there for half a day. Still, the attractions of this city made me stay there after two days. I had not seen many places before leaving the city. If you are going on a trip to Tabas, my advice is to allocate about five days for sightseeing in the city. If you have a time problem, it is better to limit yourself to this itinerary that is set for two days and enjoy discovering this area.

2 Days

Esfahak  Tabas  Kal Jenni

Day 1: Esfahak - Morteza Ali Spring

Our voyage from Tehran to Tabas brings us to Esfahak village, a step back in time with its thatched houses and clear, starry skies. The village’s Lamkadeh, an old house turned coffee house, offers local delicacies and a cozy atmosphere. After exploring Esfahak and possibly spending the night in one of its ecotourism houses, we head to the Morteza Ali Spring near Tabas. The spring’s varying temperatures provide a unique bathing experience within a stone tunnel, and the historic Taq Abbasi offers a glimpse into Shah Abbas’s era. A local noodle soup by the river marks the end of our day.

Day 2: Tabas - Kal Jenni Valley - Helwan Desert

In Tabas, the enchanting Gulshan Garden awaits, offering a tranquil respite beneath its tall trees. For the adventurous, the journey to Kal Jenni Valley near the nomadic Dikako Residence presents an opportunity to enjoy fire tea under the desert stars. Exploring the valley reveals its hidden lake and historical significance as a site of Zoroastrian magicians’ austerity. The day extends into the Helwan desert, where the juxtaposition of rice paddies and date palms in Azmeighan showcases the region’s agricultural diversity. The village of Khoro, with its myriad attractions, epitomizes the unexpected wonders of Tabas, making it a must-visit destination.

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