Step by step to the tomb of the Ibn Sina

Exploring Western Iran: Slow Travel from Arak to Hamedan

Embark on an unforgettable 3-day expedition that takes you through the heart of Iran’s cultural and natural treasures. From the heights of Lorestan’s peaks to the historic streets of Malayer, and finally to the renowned attractions of Hamadan, this tour offers a perfect blend of adventure, heritage, and scenic beauty.

3 Days


Arak  Durood  Malayer  Hamedan

Day 1: Arak to Durood

Starting our journey from Arak, we head towards Durood, nestled in Lorestan province. This city serves as a gateway to the magnificent Ashtrankoh range, a segment of the eastern Zagros mountains known for its towering peaks. Here, the serene Gahar Lake awaits, promising a tranquil retreat amidst nature’s grandeur.

Day 2: Malayer

The next leg of our journey brings us to Malayer, a city renowned for its rich cultural heritage and delicious grape juice, a must-try for any visitor. The city, flourishing during the Qajar era under Fath Ali Shah’s orders, hosts the Museum of Anthropology, offering insights into the region’s rich historical tapestry. For accommodations, Malayer’s eco-tourist lodges provide a comfortable and environmentally friendly stay, enhancing the travel experience with their unique charm.

Day 3: Hamedan

Our exploration concludes in Hamedan, a city that stands as a testament to Iran’s ancient history and culture. Hamedan’s attractions, such as the Abu Ali Sina Tomb, Baba Taher Tomb, and the historical site of Shirsangi, beckon travelers from near and far, especially during the vibrant spring season. Notable sites include Hegmataneh Hill, the pottery-rich village of Lalejin, and the Ganjnameh inscriptions. A visit to the awe-inspiring Ali Sadr Cave, one of the world’s largest water caves, is highly recommended, offering an unforgettable conclusion to our journey through this historically rich region.

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