Children's camp in the forest of joy

Children's Camp in the Forest of Joy - Yazd-Khatam

This children’s camp takes place in the captivating natural setting of Bagh Shadi forest, renowned as the largest protected forest in Yazd province. Over the course of two days, young participants will engage in a series of enriching activities aimed at fostering a deeper connection with nature and imparting valuable environmental education.

2 Days

Yazd Khatam

Day 1: Yazd - Bagh Shadi

Embarking from Yazd at 13:00, our journey takes us to the enchanting Bagh Shadi forest, the largest natural forest within Yazd province. Arriving at this protected area after a four-hour drive, guests have the opportunity to stay at the guest house of the fire station. Here, in a secure environment, tourists learn essential camping skills and fire safety measures to preserve the natural heritage. Children are encouraged to enjoy the campsite late into the evening, with the option to rest either at the center or the guest house.

Day 2: Riwas Plain

Our second day begins with a morning exploration of Riwas Plain’s diverse wildlife, including the Iranian yellow deer, sand fox, common fox, ram, and ewe. This immersive experience allows children to engage creatively with nature, either through drawing or photography, under the guidance of environmentalists and firefighters. The day includes a workshop on teamwork skills and first aid principles, offering both theoretical and practical knowledge on forest fire prevention and response. This educational segment underscores the significance of natural heritage and the principles of sustainable development.

For lunch, the group has the option to dine at one of the city’s restaurants, with the food preparation involving guest participation, guided by the preferences or suggestions of our guide. The journey through Nahar Masih to Riwas Plain unveils a vista of natural splendor, culminating in a return to Yazd enriched by the beauty and ecological importance of the region explored.

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