Visiting the petroglyphs of Darius

Discovering History: Kermanshah to Bisotun

Immerse yourself in a day of historical discovery as you embark on a journey through Kermanshah and its neighboring regions. From the fascinating petroglyphs of Darius to the cultural gems of Hersin and the grandeur of Bisotun, this itinerary promises an enriching experience.

1 Days

Biston Harsin

Day 1: Bisotun - Harsin

For those spending a day in Kermanshah and keen on exploring the historical marvels of the province while en route to Lorestan, the Bisotun-Harsin pathway is an exceptional choice. Starting from Imam Khomeini (RA) Square and taking the Bisotun road, a 30 km drive leads to the city of Bisotun. Here, the Bisotun World Complex, home to over 18 national and one global heritage site, showcases the rich tapestry of Iran’s history. Allocate approximately 2 hours for a comprehensive exploration of this site. Conveniently, the complex hosts a 5-star hotel and traditional dining room, perfect for a lunch break and brief respite.

Continuing the journey back towards Kermanshah and veering off at the Hamedan-Kermanshah police station towards Harsin, the route presents the Four Bridge as the first historical site of interest. Nearby, a detour leads to the Ishaq Vand tombs, promising a captivating visit lasting about an hour and a half. Alternatively, a 20 km drive brings you into the heart of Harsin, adorned with remarkable sites like the Water Clock, Farhad Tarash, Taq Sangi, and Sohrab Spring. Harsin is renowned for its Kelim, a globally recognized handicraft, making it a perfect souvenir to commemorate the visit.

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