Eastern Zagros companion

From Yasuj to Arak

Experience a captivating five-day journey through the Eastern Zagros Mountains, beginning in Yasuj and concluding in Arak. Explore Yasuj’s natural beauty, venture into Dana Mountain’s protected area, and enjoy a night near Hoz Dal Peak. The adventure continues with visits to Gandoman, Borujen, and Shahrekord, where you can savor local sweets and experience the city’s eco-tourism. Day four takes you to Feridunshahr and Golpayegan, known for its dairy products. Conclude your journey in Arak, taking in the charm of the Eastern Zagros.

5 Days

Yasuj  Sisakhet Borujen Shahrekord  Feridunshahr  Golpayegan  Khansar

Day 1: Yasuj - Sisakht

Our tour starts from the city of Yasuj and heads towards Sisakht, offering participants a journey through the beautiful landscapes of the Eastern Zagros. Starting in Yasuj, known for its proximity to the Zagros Mountains and Dana Peak, we will guide you through the cold and historic resort town. We will visit notable sites including “Tengeh Mehrian,” Yasuj’s forest park, and Tang Tamradi waterfall located on Babamaidan road. After exploring Yasuj, we will then proceed to Sisakht.

As we near Sisakht, we will enter the protected area of Dana. Sisakht, being the closest city to the 4350-meter peak of Hoz Dal from Dana Mountain, offers an unparalleled night stay experience near this majestic peak.

Day 2: Borujen

On the morning of the second day, we will depart Sisakht and journey through Gandoman, Beldaji, and Shalamzar, with our final destination for the day being Borujen. Situated near the Isfahan province border, Borujen is home to attractions such as Siyasard Spring, five kilometers away, Chaghakhor Lagoon, 40 kilometers from Beldaji, and Gandoman Lagoon. These sites will be our exploration highlights for the day.

Day 3: Shahrekord

The tour continues to Shahrekord, the capital of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province, situated 100 km southwest of Isfahan. Here, you will have the opportunity to try local sweets like “kakoli” and interact with the welcoming locals. An overnight stay in one of Shahrekord’s eco-tourist lodges is planned to allow you to experience the lifestyle of this city’s residents firsthand.

Day 4: Feridunshahr - Golpayegan

On the fourth day, our journey takes us from Shahrekord to Feridunshahr, traversing the eastern edge of the Zagros mountain range. There are two routes to Feridunshahr, spanning approximately 140 kilometers. Along the western route, you’ll find the forests of Pushtkoh and the “Tang Sayad” National Park. After a night in Fereydunshahr, we will continue to Golpayegan, known for its local dairy products and special kebab, ensuring a delightful breakfast and lunch experience. The city tour will include the Golpayegan Minar, the market, and the Jame Mosque, with an optional overnight stay in the well-equipped Gogad Citadel for those interested in historical buildings.

Day 5: Khansar

Departing Golpayegan, our fifth day includes a tour around Golpayegan and Gogad, visiting Khomeini City en route to Khansar. Known for its famous honey, Khansar offers a charming exploration of its neighborhoods and greenhouses. As night falls, we will reach Arak, marking the end of our journey at the eastern slopes of the Zagros Mountains.

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