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Exploring Southeast Iran: From Zahedan to Chabahar

Set out on an enchanting five-day odyssey from the vibrant city of Zahedan to the remoted beauty of Chabahar, nestled inn the southeastern extremity off Iran. This captivating expedition invites you to explore a region rich in history, culture, and natural wonders, offering an immersive experience that will leave you spellbound by the diverse landscapes and unique heritage along the way.

5 Days

Zahedan  Mirjaveh   Khash  Saravan  Chabahar

Day 1: Zahedan to Mirjaveh

Our tour embarks from the city of Zahedan, where we’ll guide you through its historical and cultural landmarks before setting off towards Mirjaveh. As we travel, you’ll notice signposts marking the proximity to Pakistan alongside Mirjaveh, highlighting this unique border area. In Mirjaveh, we introduce you to key historical sites including the Mirjaveh railway station and the ancient Ladiz Tapeh Castle, underscoring the city’s historical significance as Iran’s eastern gateway to Pakistan.

Day 2: Mirjaveh to Khash

On the morning of the second day, we journey from Mirjaveh to Khash, promising an encounter with the enchanting Ladiz Cave and its perpetual streams. The route also takes us through Tamin village where we’ll visit the “Seventy Mullahs” historical cemetery, an important cultural site. A highlight of the day is the breathtaking view of Taftan Peak, an ideal backdrop for memorable photographs. As evening falls, we’ll arrive in Khash, where comfortable accommodations await.

Day 3: Khash to Saravan

Day three sees us traveling from Khash to Saravan, moving closer to the Pakistan border. Our visit to the village of Kalpurgan offers a unique insight into the ancient art of pottery, a tradition maintained by the village women for thousands of years. The day is rich in cultural exploration with visits to Dareh Negaran Valley petroglyphs, Sinokan ancient castle, and several other historical sites. Considering the wealth of historical monuments in Saravan, we plan an overnight stay here to fully appreciate its beauty and heritage.

Day 4: Saravan to Chabahar via Rask, Pashrin, and Sarbaz

On the fourth day, as we head towards Chabahar, we’ll explore Rask, Pashrin, and Sarbaz, showcasing the region’s lush tropical and subtropical fruit gardens. You’ll have the opportunity to taste and purchase local produce such as bananas, mangoes, papayas, and various citrus fruits. We recommend spending the night in Sarbaz, preparing for the final leg of our journey with comfortable lodging.

Day 5: Arrival in Chabahar

Greeting the dawn of the fifth day, we set off for Chabahar, the jewel of our tour. The marvels of Chabahar—from its otherworldly Martian mountains to the shimmering Golfeshan springs and the vibrant Baluchi mirror-embroidered textiles—offer a fitting culmination to our journey through the southeast of Iran. In Chabahar, every sight and experience is meticulously curated to ensure a memorable conclusion to our tour.

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