From Ahvaz to Yasuj

From the plain of Khuzestan, above the Zagros in 5 Days

Experience a captivating journey through the diverse landscapes of southwestern Iran, where history and nature intertwine to create an unforgettable adventure. This five-day tour takes you from the bustling city of Ahvaz to the serene beauty of Yasuj, revealing the hidden gems that lie along the way. Let’s delve into the highlights of each day:

5 Days

Ahvaz   Gachsaran Dehdasht   Yasouj

Day 1: Ahvaz to Zagros Gateway

Our journey kicks off in Ahvaz, a city where a stroll along the Karun River and admiring its bridges is a must. After fully exploring Ahvaz, we’ll depart for the heart of Zagros, heading towards the city of Yasuj, with an overnight stay planned in Baghmelk.


Day 2: Bagh Melk's Treasures

Traveling from Ahvaz, Bagh Melk is less than 150 kilometers away. Here, we’ll explore attractions like Tel Castle, Mal Agha Tourist Village, Rabat Hazrat Suleiman, and the Tang Kurd Waterfalls, among others. We’ll spend the night in Bagh Melk, preparing for an early departure to Dehdasht, a city with a rich history dating back to the Sasanian era.

Day 3: Tracing History in Dehdasht

On day three, we’ll set off from Dehdasht to Gachsaran, a city not only known for its oil wells and gas sources but also for its historical significance. Highlights include Shah Bahram’s Cave and Dej Suleiman Castle. To thoroughly explore these ancient sites, we’ll stay overnight in Gachsaran.

Day 4: Bashet's Natural Splendors

Our journey continues to Basht, where natural wonders await. The Rune River, Shalaldon area, and Khami waterfall are just a few examples of Basht’s natural beauty, though historical sites like Dogor Dupa also add to the region’s cultural wealth. Our journey nears its conclusion as we prepare for the final leg.

Day 5: Culmination in Yasuj

After a restful night in Basht, we’re ready to embrace our final destination: Yasuj. As the capital of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad provinces, Yasuj greets visitors with the Ariobarzen statue and natural attractions perfect for nature enthusiasts, including the Yasuj waterfall, Bashar river beach park, and the Kakan ski resort. Yasuj, with its vibrant natural and cultural landscape, serves as the grand finale to our exploration of this diverse and rich region of Iran.

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