From Anzali to Gorgan Tour

Shores and Splendors: A 4-Day Voyage from Astara to Gorgan

Embark on a journey that sweeps through coastal landscapes, historical gems, and the enchanting beauty of northern Iran. From the tranquil shores of Anzali to the captivating city of Gorgan, immerse yourself in the wonders that await at every turn.

4 Days

Rasht  Anzali Savadkuh  GHaemshahr  Behshahr  Sari  Gorgan

Day 1: Anzali to Langrud, a Journey through Time and Nature

In the captivating port of Anzali, now a bustling free trade zone, we marvel at its famous lagoon. Our journey begins with a leisurely stroll along the coastal boulevard of Bandar Anzali, offering a serene path beside the port. We then escort you from Anzali port to Rasht—the heart of Gilan province, rich in Iran’s contemporary history. Exploring the nooks of Rasht Bazaar and traversing the footpaths from Shahrdari Square to Sabzeh Maidan becomes an integral part of our itinerary in Rasht. Our next stop is Lahijan, a city where the sweet fragrance of cookies and the aromatic scent of tea plantations blend harmoniously. Together, we enjoy a walk around the city’s swimming pool. A visit to the Iran Tea History Museum and the tomb of Kashif al-Sultaneh, the pioneer of tea cultivation in Lahijan, is planned. We proceed to Langrod, nestled in the northern part of Iran, where natural wonders like Kyakalaye, Lilakuh, and Komle lagoons await. Crossing the historic brick bridge of Langrud to view the tranquil river from above is a highlight. After a day filled with discovery, we arrange for your restful stay in Chabaksar, preparing you for the upcoming attractions on the next day.

Day 2: Ramsar's Charms and Coastal Marvels

Leaving Chabaksar behind, our journey continues to Ramsar, a city whose beauty and attractions are undeniable. We explore the Ramsar Hotel and Moalem Boulevard, adorned with tall palm trees, and marvel at the Marble Palace. An effortless ascent by the Ramsar cable car offers us a panoramic view of the city nestled below the green peak. Our voyage takes us through Tankabon, Salmanshahr, and the tourist haven of Namak-Abroud, before culminating in Chalus, a gateway to the northern cities of Iran through the iconic Chalus Road. As evening descends upon Nowshahr, we choose to stay and explore the eastern attractions of Mazandaran the following day.

Day 3: From Qaimshahr to Sari's Natural Gems

Our day begins with a visit to Qaimshahr and the Swadkoh region, unveiling the ancient Gerdkoh hill, Kutna Forest, Telar forest park, and the Khybus forest reserve. From there, we lead you to Sari, the capital of Mazandaran province, where the stunning Badab Surat and Chort Lake Springs await discovery. Departing from Sari, we remind you that Behshahr, our next destination, is merely 45 minutes away, recommending an overnight stay there to rest and rejuvenate.

Day 4: Golestan's Cultural Tapestry in Gorgan

As dawn breaks, we depart Mazandaran for Golestan province, dedicating our day to exploring Gorgan, the province’s capital. Our schedule includes visits to landmarks such as Naharkhoran, immersing you in the rich tapestry of Golestan’s cultural and natural sights, ensuring a memorable and comprehensive experience.

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