From Birjand to Khosf

Journey to Khosuf: Nature, History, and Desert Delights

Embark on a 2-day journey from Birjand to Khosuf that promises a blend of natural wonders, historical treasures, and desert adventures. Explore the charming village of Ark, known for its herbal pharmacy, and immerse yourself in the pristine nature of South Khorasan. Discover the historical context of Khosuf, including the tomb of Ibn Hossam and the Jame Mosque, while indulging in local spirits. Experience the captivating beauty of the North Lut desert with activities like hiking, camel riding, and off-roading. Let the desert’s enchanting sunset be the perfect finale to your unforgettable expedition.

2 Days

Birjand  Khosef Akbarabad Desert

Day 1: Exploring Ark and Khosf's Heritage

Departing from Birjand, we journey 35 kilometers to the village of Ark, known as the herbal pharmacy of South Khorasan province. Nestled in a mountainous area with untouched natural beauty and a rich historical backdrop, Ark offers a refreshing climate. Here, we’ll start our day with breakfast, explore the village, and have the opportunity to purchase traditional spirits directly from the locals. Following this enriching experience, we proceed towards Khosf.

In Khosf, we delve into the city’s historical treasures, including the tomb of Ibn Hossam, the Jame Mosque, and the historical house of Tajur, among others. We’ll enjoy lunch at the Alavi ecotourism residence, providing a moment of rest before continuing our adventure. Our next destination is the Lot Spa, a journey covering 70 km from Khosf, through 25 km of asphalt roads followed by dirt paths. The spa complex will be our haven for the night, offering relaxation after a day of exploration.

Day 2: Desert Oasis and Mesmerizing Sunsets

Our second day finds us in the captivating North Lut desert, a pristine and beautiful landscape. The morning will be filled with desert activities, including hiking, camel riding, and off-roading adventures, immersing us in the desert’s allure. After enjoying breakfast amidst this scenic backdrop, we guide our guests back towards Khosf, setting our sights on the Akbarabad desert. The stunning sandy expanses of Akbarabad promise to leave an unforgettable impression. Lunch will be served in the heart of the desert, with our journey culminating in a magnificent desert sunset, marking a perfect end to our exploration.

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