From the throne to Soleyman's prison

Throne to Prison: Ancient Wonders Tour

Discover Iran’s allure through Zanjan to Mahabad, a captivating journey of caves, lakes, and history. Unveil Zanjan’s heritage, explore Takht-e Soleyman’s mystery, witness the surreal Dev Prison, and rejuvenate in hot springs. Experience moving grass phenomenon, bird-watching by Zarinerood, and explore Saholan Cave’s secrets. A compact adventure through time and nature.

3 Days

Zanjan Takab Saqqez Bukan Mahabad

Day 1: Zanjan's Heritage and Delights

We embark on a journey to discover Gilan’s autumn beauty, starting from Rasht, now easily accessible by train. Rasht boasts a wealth of attractions, from the vibrant Sabzeh Maidan and the Municipal footpath to the historic Mirza Kuchak Khan Jangli’s house, the architectural marvel of Kolah Ferangi Mansion, and the serene Mohtasham Garden. Just 20 km from Rasht, the Gilan Rural Heritage Museum invites us to explore deeper into the region’s rich culture.

Spending a day in Rasht is barely enough to take in its sights and flavors, especially the tempting Gilaki dishes that are sure to be a highlight of your visit. For overnight stays, choose from Rasht’s hotels or the eco-tourist lodges in the surrounding villages.

Day 2: Takht Soleyman's Enigmatic Secrets

Wake to a beautiful autumn morning in Rasht, starting with a visit to the market and the unique fish wood-cutting ceremony. Then, it’s time to head towards the tranquil city of Lahijan. Known for its natural beauty and laid-back atmosphere, Lahijan is home to a central public swimming pool and is surrounded by the city’s lush landscape. Don’t miss the famous Lahijan cookies, perfect for souvenirs, and the breathtaking view from the Sheytankoh waterfall cable car ride.

Our journey continues to Langroud, where, if you missed Rasht’s fishmonger’s market, the vibrant market here won’t disappoint. Langroud’s Kheshti Bridge, Fajr Park, Bam Sabz, and Lake Langroud are must-visits, with the thrill of the Langroud sled awaiting the adventurous. The day ends at Chamkhaleh Beach, where comfortable accommodations await by the Caspian Sea.

Day 3: Saqqez to Saholan Exploration

Today is dedicated to the sea, with the morning spent on Chamkhaleh Beach before heading to Kiashahr port and the Bojaq Lagoon. This international lagoon, also known as Kiashahr Lagoon, is a haven for migratory birds fleeing the Siberian winter, offering a unique bird-watching experience. Afterward, enjoy the fresh catch of the day at Kiashahr Port’s restaurants.

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