Saravan, Foman, Masuleh

From the rural museum of Gilan to the terraced houses of Masoleh

Step into a world of natural beauty and cultural wonder with a captivating 2-day tour that showcases the best of northern Iran. This journey leads from the immersive Gilan Rural Museum experience to the charming terraced houses of Masuleh, promising an unforgettable adventure.

2 Days

Saravan Foman Masuleh

Day 1: Gilan's Rustic Reverie

Despite the summer’s heat and humidity in Iran’s northern cities, autumn emerges as the ideal season for exploration. Our tour commences in Saravan, Gilan province. We guide participants to the Gilan Rural Heritage Museum, located amidst Saravan’s dense forests. This museum, strategically positioned on the Rudbar to Rasht road at the end of the Qazvin highway in Rasht, marks our journey’s beginning.

We offer a glimpse into the traditional life of Gilan’s inhabitants, presenting it in the museum’s two sections, Beih Pas and Beih Pish, set against a backdrop of beautiful and rejuvenating nature, adorned with autumn’s spectacular colors. This visit propels you decades back, providing a serene village experience. On holidays and weekends, the museum comes alive with the baking of bread, local foods, and traditional music, enhancing your visit.

A full day at the Gilan Rural Heritage Museum is on our agenda. Should time allow and weather conditions favor us, we proceed to Saqalaksar, a quaint lake formed behind a dam. Our route takes us on the Saravan-Foman road, past the Gilan University of Medical Sciences towards the Jiredeh road, with Agha Syed Sharif’s sign as our guide.

Surrounded by dense vegetation, Saqalaksar Lake offers a breathtaking scene, especially with trees emerging directly from the water. For enthusiasts of camping, we recommend spending the night by the lake, ensuring minimal impact on the natural environment. Conveniently, a restroom and a supermarket are available for essentials.

Day 2: Foman's Artistry and Masuleh's Charm

Foman, renowned for its statues and cookies, awaits us. After enjoying Gilani tea and Fomeni cookies for breakfast, we take you to Hazar Pele Castle or the illustrious Rudkhan Castle. The drive from Foman to Rudkhan Castle is a scenic journey, less than an hour long.

Rudkhan Castle, surrounded by various tourist facilities, is safely accessible. However, the numerous stairs to the castle may pose a challenge for some. We recommend careful navigation, especially on rainy days when the steps may become slippery.

Following lunch at a local restaurant featuring Gilki cuisine near Rudkhan Castle, we direct you back to Foman and towards Masuleh. Allocate approximately two hours for this trip. Masuleh, once a small village, has transformed into a bustling city and a must-visit tourist attraction, as noted in the Lonely Planet guidebook.

In Masuleh, we arrange for an overnight stay in one of the terraced houses, allowing you to explore its unique alleys and observe the seamless blend of traditional and contemporary life, where the yard serves as the roof for the house below.

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