Kashan, Aran and Bidgol

Autumn Maranjab Escape: Unveil the Charm of Kashan, Aran, and Bidgol

Embark on a captivating journey through the heart of Iran’s historical and natural wonders. This curated tour invites you to witness the elegance of Kashan’s ancient houses, uncover the secrets of Noushabad’s underground city, and immerse yourself in the breathtaking landscapes of Maranjab’s desert. From architectural marvels to awe-inspiring mirages, experience the essence of autumn as you traverse these captivating destinations.

2 Days

Kashan  Aran o Bidgol  Maranjab

Day 1: Fin - Kashan

As autumn unveils its beauty, the desert city of Kashan, with its amiable weather, invites us for extensive explorations through its ancient alleys, traditional bazaars, and historical houses. A visit to the Fin Garden at sunset offers a splendid closure to a day filled with cultural immersion. Notable residences such as the House of Tabatabais, House of Ameris, and House of Borujerdi, among others, present an architectural feast that is quintessentially Kashani. Many of these historic homes, now transformed into hotels or traditional residences, promise an unforgettable overnight stay, enveloping you in the city’s rich history.

Day 2: Noushabad - Maranjab

Leaving Kashan, our journey continues to Noushabad, renowned for its fascinating underground city, Oui City. An exploration of this subterranean marvel, guided by tales of its past, demands at least an hour of your time.

After delving into the depths of Noushabad, we head towards Aran and Bidgol to stock up on essentials before venturing into the Maranjab Desert. The journey to the Maranjab Caravanserai covers approximately 50 kilometers of passable dirt road through a landscape where vigilance is advised to avoid the surrounding sand and quicksand traps.

Staying at the Maranjab Caravanserai is an option, though advance booking is recommended, especially during weekends and holidays. The caravanserai serves as a gateway to camel rides across the salt lake, leisurely walks on the dunes, and the mesmerizing sights of mirages and salt hexagons in Iran’s central salt lake. This experience in Maranjab, while uniquely captivating, comes with a responsibility towards preserving its pristine beauty. Visitors are urged to carry back all garbage, maintaining the desert’s cleanliness and integrity.


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