Qazvin the Moallem Kelayeh

From Ovan Lake to the castle on the slopes of Mount Alamut

On this trip, we will visit one of the most beautiful and oldest areas of Qazvin province. But is it possible that he came to Qazvin, did not see this magnificent Safavid capital, and left?! Centuries ago and before the Safavids chose Isfahan as their capital, Caspian or Qazvin was the center of the Iranian government. For this reason, when we review the historical attractions of Qazvin, we see many similarities with Isfahan.
You need at least two days to see Qazvin city well. Therefore, bring a list of the sights of Qazvin so that you can see the city’s most essential and spectacular attractions on this one day when you are in Qazvin.

2 Days

Qazvin Alamut

Day 1: Qzvin

Our journey begins in Qazvin, a city brimming with historical marvels. The Saad-O-Saltaneh Caravanserai, the Qajar Bath now an anthropological museum, and the Chehlsetun Mansion, among others, are just the start of our cultural exploration. The Sardar Reservoir and Hosseinieh Aminiha, along with historical gates and mansions, showcase Qazvin’s rich heritage. Walking along Shahada Street, the oldest in Iran, offers a glimpse into the past. Concluding the day, a stay in one of Qazvin’s traditional hotels or houses promises a unique experience.

Day 2: Qazvin to Alamut Castle

The route to Alamut Castle, nestled in the northeast of Qazvin near the natural border with Mazandaran province, presents a scenic drive through the Alborz mountains. This 110-kilometer journey, best enjoyed over at least three hours, leads through picturesque villages and landscapes.

In the Alamut region, renowned for its historical and natural beauty, Alamut Castle and Lambsar Castle stand out as key attractions, along with the serene Ovan Lake. For those inclined towards exploring Lambsar Castle, Razmian offers both stunning nature and cozy rural accommodations.

Alternatively, heading towards Ovan Lake and Alamut Castle involves a journey past Dikin Village and Moallem Kelayeh. The route to Ovan Lake is well-marked and accessible, leading directly to the lakeside.

After basking in the tranquility of Ovan Lake and exploring Alamut Castle, the path leads to Gazorkhan, the starting point for a hike to the Ismailian stronghold. For those looking to extend their adventure, local accommodations in Gazorkhan provide a warm welcome and an unforgettable evening among the Alamut villagers.

Travelers visiting Alamut during summer have the delightful opportunity to bring home the region’s famed cherries, adding a sweet note to their journey.

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