Unveiling Kermanshah's Heritage: Javanrud, Ravansar, and Nodsheh Retreat

Discover the allure of Kermanshah and its surrounding gems as you journey through a land where history and natural wonders intertwine. This carefully crafted itinerary invites you to explore the hidden treasures of Javanrud, marvel at the architecture of Nodsheh’s villages, and immerse yourself in the breathtaking landscapes that define this region.

2 Days

Kermanshah Javanrud Ravansar Nodsheh

Day 1: Ravansar's Cultural Tapestry and Natural Marvels

Our journey begins at Imam Hossein Square in Kermanshah, taking the route towards Ravansar and passing the Qazanchi T-way. Approximately 15 kilometers along, a detour introduces us to the tomb of Uwais al-Qarni, set against a panoramic view of the plains, a site revered for pilgrimage and popular among paragliding enthusiasts.

Continuing on, we encounter the refreshing sight of Sarab Yavari and traverse the village of Kani Sharif, renowned for its traditional ice cream. Our entrance into Ravansar is marked by the town’s vibrant bazaar and handicrafts, highlighting the cultural richness of the area.

For dining, the Mohammadi restaurant at the city’s entrance or the Shabankare grills, located 15 km from Ravansar, offers a taste of local cuisine. Our exploration extends to the Ghori Qaleh cave, 20 kilometers from Ravansar towards Paveh, one of Asia’s longest water caves, with geological formations dating back 65 million years. An hour’s visit here unveils the cave’s natural splendor.

Our return to Ravansar leads us towards Javanrud, where the local border bazaar presents an opportunity to shop for audio equipment, home goods, cosmetics, and hygiene products at reasonable prices.

Day 2: Nodsheh's Architectural Splendor and Pristine Landscapes

In Nodsheh, the journey takes us through the village of Hajij and the picturesque area of Dalani, offering a blend of beautiful architecture, handicrafts, and nature’s tranquility. Travel from Hajij village back to Kermanshah takes approximately two and a half hours, winding through the scenic landscapes and villages of Khanqah, Shamshir, Zardoi, and Satyari in Paveh city, each offering unique tourist attractions and a glimpse into the region’s cultural and natural heritage.

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