Passing through the green belt of Zagros

Traversing Zagros Glory: From Shiraz to Historical Kazerun

Embark on an unforgettable one-day journey through the enchanting landscapes of Iran’s Green Belt of Zagros. This expedition takes you from the cultural hub of Shiraz to the scenic wonders of Kazeroon and the tranquil beauty of Arjan Plain. Immerse yourself in nature, history, and local charm on this whirlwind adventure.

1 Days

Shiraz Kazeroon Arjan Plain

Day 1: Exploring Shiraz - Kazeroon - Arjan Plain

Departing from Shiraz, our journey leads us toward Kazeroon, unveiling the captivating vistas of rivers and the Arjan protected area’s mountains along the way. The serene beauty of the landscape promises a day of exploration and tranquility. A breakfast stop at one of the tourist complexes on the Arjan Plain sets the tone for a day filled with natural wonder and local culture.

The Arjan Plain also hosts a vibrant market, perfect for purchasing souvenirs and local delicacies, offering rest and a place for prayer. The seasonal lake and Arjan waterfall add to the region’s unspoiled attractions, inviting exploration.

Our route through Tang Abolhayat presents a breathtaking journey, leading us into Kazeroon. This city is a treasure trove of Sassanid era historical sites, alongside its natural and historical allure, making it an ideal visit in winter. The allure of Kazeroon in spring, with its fields of narcissus flowers, warms the heart of every traveler, promising the lifting of winter’s chill.

Kazeroon’s Bishapur city, with its Sassanid reliefs, the habitat of the Iranian yellow deer, the serene lake, and a haven for migratory birds, enriches our understanding, as detailed by our guide. Accommodations in Kazeroon, including the Bishapour Hotel and guest houses, ensure a comfortable stay, completing a day of discovery in one of Iran’s historically rich and naturally beautiful regions.

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