Passing through the life of a cave dweller

Unveiling Ancient Mysteries: Caves and Strata of Khorramabad - Kohdasht

Unveil Ancient Wonders in Khorramabad-Kohdasht: Explore Pristine Straits, God’s Bridge, and Enigmatic Caves, Reveal Life of Cave Dwellers.

1 Days

Khormabad Kohdasht

Day 1: Khormabad - Kohdasht

Starting our journey in Khormabad, we delve into the ancient straits of Tangeh-ye Shīrzar, marveling at the geological marvels sculpted by millions of years of erosion. Our exploration continues to the olive groves of Wareh Zard village, where the timeless beauty of nature meets human cultivation. The day’s adventure leads us to the breathtaking Shires Strait, a pristine natural wonder in Kohdasht.

The serene flow of water beneath the natural formation known as God’s Bridge offers an enchanting stroll through the gorge. This path is adorned with wild fruit trees and the harmonious blend of bird songs and flowing water, crafting an idyllic walking experience.

Our exploration extends to the Humian and Mirmalas caves, where ancient rock paintings transport us to the era of cave dwellers. The Humian rock art, located in a cave north of Kohdasht and northwest of Lorestan province, alongside the Mirmalas Valley’s 18 images, draws parallels with the historical significance of Lascaux and Altamira, showcasing a rich tapestry of ancient human expression.

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