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Our Most Popular Tour Packages

Explore a selection of our most sought-after Iran tour packages at Incredible Iran, each carefully designed to offer a blend of adventure, culture, and relaxation. From the bustling bazaars of Tehran to the serene deserts of Yazd, our tours promise experiences that cater to every traveler's desire.

The Oases of Iran - Iran Desert Tour

Iran Desert Tour

Sands and Serenity: Unearthing Iran’s Desert Mysteries With only seven days in Iran, this tour offers this country’s essence. Visiting the famous cities of Tehran, Isfahan, and Shiraz, you can also have a tour of…

Nomads of Iran Tour

Nomads of Iran Tour

Heritage and Nomadic Harmony: Unforgettable Iran Adventure Embark on an immersive 11-day Village and City Explorer Tour that takes you deep into the heart of Iran’s rich cultural tapestry, mainly focusing on its vibrant nomadic…

Ski Tour in Dizin Ski Resort

Ski Tour in Dizin Ski Resort – 5 Days

5-Day Ski Journey to Dizin Ski Resort Iran ski resorts, Dizin and Shemshak, are famous for their high altitude, powdery snow and long ski season (from late November to April). Ski lovers enjoy the natural…

Iran Village Tour in a fortnight

Iran Village Tour in a fortnight

Persian Pathways: Village-to-City Exploration Tour Start on a captivating journey through Iran’s diverse landscapes and rich history with our Village Trekking Tour. This 14-day adventure takes you from the bustling capital of Tehran to charming…

8 Days Vacation in Iran

12 Days Vacation in Iran

Iranian Getaway: 12 Days of Culture and Beauty The Glory of Iran tour offers a deep exploration of ancient Persian civilization, highlighting the impact of the Achaemenid and Sassanid empires on world history, religion, art,…

Iran Eco Tour

Iran Eco Tour

We have designed this tour with a touch of eco-tourism for our guests who would like to experience the country life as well as the main tourist attractions of Iran. On this tour, you will…

Best of Iran - 7 Days

Best of Iran – 7 Days

With only seven days in Iran, this tour offers this country’s essence. Visiting the famous cities of Tehran, Isfahan, and Shiraz, you can also have a tour of Kashan and Abyaneh. You can also see…

16 Days Iran Holiday Package

16 Days Iran Holiday Package

Journey through Iran: 16-Day Vacation Package Historians believe human life existed in Persia around 6000 BC, and many communities had settled on the eastern side of the mountain range Zagros. This tour will offer you…

Iran Private Tours

Iran Private Tours

Discover the Best of Iran on Private Guided Tours This tour offers a visit to Iran’s Golden Triangle cities – Isfahan, Shiraz, and Yazd – plus Tehran, the capital. This tour also includes 6 UNESCO…

Silk Road Tour

Silk Road Tour – 10 Days

10 Days Along the Silk Road Silk Road, a herald of relationships among nations, played an essential role in the transfer of culture and goods to other countries, and Iran was a part of this…

Tochal Ski Resort

Ski Tour in Tochal Ski Resort

Exploring Tochal Ski Resort Tochal Ski Resort is the closest resort to the capital city. Due to its proximity to Tehran, it is trendy. This resort has a gondola (telecabin) lift about 7.5 km long,…

Ski Tour in Sepidan Ski Resort - 5 Days

Ski Tour in Sepidan Ski Resort – 5 Days

5 Days of Skiing Fun at Sepidan Ski Resort Sepidan Ski Resort is the most southern ski resort in Iran and the Middle East and, as a result, benefits from plentiful sunshine even in January.…

Specialized Tours of Iran

As a premier Iran Travel Agency, we excel in crafting personalized and exclusive tours to match your preferences, ensuring every journey is meticulously designed for an exceptional experience.

Guiding You Every Step of the Way

From the moment you book your tour, we're by your side until the conclusion of your journey. And yes, our consultation is completely free.

Savoring Iran: Cooking, Connecting, and Culture

Immerse yourself in authentic culinary moments, cooking with chefs and fellow travelers. Then, share meals and forge connections, getting to know Iran up close. Our trips are designed to ensure unforgettable encounters with locals, making each experience uniquely personal.

Hand-Picked Experiences with Locals

Memorable experiences in Iran start with the locals' welcoming and hospitable nature, as they eagerly share their culture and traditions.
You're not just a visitor; you're a guest in their homes, where delicious meals are cooked.

Our Handpicked Accommodations

Find your perfect place to stay in Iran with Our Travel Agency. We offer everything from cozy traditional homes to luxury hotels and unique Eco-lodges in beautiful locations. Experience the best of Iran's culture, history, and nature by staying at one of our clean and comfortable places. Book with us for a memorable taste of Iranian hospitality!

Discover Iran: Solo Women's Tour

Discover Iran: Solo Women’s Tour

Incredible Iran Travel Agency presents special tours designed specifically for women, thereby ensuring your journey is not only safe and fun but also full of insights. Consequently, with our local guides leading the way, you’re guaranteed a memorable exploration. Therefore, ladies, it’s time to pack your bags

Country Specific Tours

We proudly offer tours for various countries, accompanied by expert guides in your native language.

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